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Ground Handling of business aviation is a range of services related to the provision of departure/arrival of private aircraft from/to the airport of destination.

ITP AVIA provides quality ground handling services with viable pricing in the entire Ukraine. The range of services includes:

  • meeting/ checking by Ground Handling Manager aircraft upon arrival/departure, monitoring and provision of timely preparation of the arrival/ departure services
  • ordering VIP services for passengers
  • escorting passengers through the main sector of terminal without ordering VIP services
  • aircraft refueling provision
  • preflight documentation preparation, collection of data from meteorological services, departure/ arrival airports, briefings printout for the crew
  • aircraft de-icing provision
  • ordering dry-cleaning/washing of the aircraft (external/internal)
  • crew hotel accommodation
  • arranging transportation for crew members to/from an airport to hotel and back
  • obtaining permits from State Aviation Administration on flight through the territory, as well as from/to Ukraine
  • ordering VIP catering
  • organization and delivery of elite alcohol
  • tracking the aircraft along the route
  • organization of a separate Ground Handling Manager for each flight, for each specific client

Years of experience implies understanding the scope of activity and ensures complete confidentiality and non-disclosure of information about passengers and aircraft routes in-service.

The company has representatives in all airports of Ukraine which ensures an efficient service of both passengers and your private aviation crews.

Contacts 24/7

  • Ground handling of business aviation: +380503422342    
  • Aircraft Management: +380674635221    
  • General questions:
  • Main office location: Volynska St, 48/50 office 412, Kiev